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IFBB PRO Athlete, M.S., B.A., B.Ed, CPT

Competition Training Programs (online)

Online Training programs (non-competition)

Marnie offers three program options for competition preparation: 8, 12 and 16-week training programs. Each option includes a detailed training plan with adjustments made on a bi-weekly basis (according to individual progress made). Clients are expected to email weekly progress photos to Marnie so that program changes can be made as needed. Training is done independently, but Marnie is available for unlimited consultation via email. Posing sessions are available via Skype for a separate fee (discuss with Marnie). Nutritional consultation included.

Marnie offers month-to-month online programs to suit various training goals: general fitness, fat-loss, muscle building, and sport specific training. Programs are individualized based on specific training goals. Clients train independently following Marnie's detailed training plan, but she is available for unlimited consultation and guidance via email. Clients are expected to submit weekly or bi-weekly photos to assess progress and to make program adjustments as needed. Nutrition consultation included.

8-week preparation -$550.00 + tax

One month program - $150.00

12-week preparation - $840.00 + tax

16-week preparation - ON SALE $200 OFF =  $1000.00

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